Test Tubes

TEST Anatomy of Our Lead Product

DUO-207: Gemcitabine Paclitaxel Nanoparticles

Duo Oncology is developing DUO-207 for multiple tumor types and for use in combination with immune checkpoint therapies.   

tumor growth.png

DUO-207 (light blue) halts the growth of human derived tumors that remain unchecked by standard of care (dark blue).  Negative control shown in red.

DUO-207 is formed from patent protected block co-polymer prodrug conjugates that self assemble into ultra-small particles, 10x smaller that current liposomal or albumin nanoparticles.

DUO-207 uses hydrogen bonding at its interfaces to facilitate the formation of ultrasmall, stable nanoparticles with high drug loading capacity.

DUO-207's  particles enter a tumor through its leaky vasculature and travel between cancer cells


Cancer killing drug combination awakens immune cells within the tumor's protected microenvironment