Duo Oncology

Nanomedicines for Incurable Cancer

Right now, 60-80% of patients show little response to standard immunotherapy or chemotherapy. Duo Oncology plans to transform patient outcomes with a new type of nanotherapy.

Pipetting Samples
Metastatic Cancer Cells

Targeting Metastatic Cancer

What We Do

Duo Oncology is developing a new nanoparticle technology specially tailored to penetrate established tumors.  We see an opportunity to dramatically improve the standard of care for patients with pancreatic cancer, bile duct cancer and relapsed metastatic disease, which are all extremely difficult to eradicate.

Duo Oncology operates as a lean pharma business.  We work hand-in-hand with world class university scientists and medical oncologists to develop our products through a network of established research organizations with the greatest possible speed and efficiency.